Quick Start Guide

Get your token

Choose your languages

Your Query String

You should now have your base URI parameter query string by simply using the token, language and country.


Making a request

#The region Colorado - US. curl http://clientservice.onthesnow.com/externalservice/region/251/list?[BASE_QUERY_STRING] #The region Austria curl http://clientservice.onthesnow.com/externalservice/region/242/list?[BASE_QUERY_STRING] #The region France curl http://clientservice.onthesnow.com/externalservice/region/240/list?[BASE_QUERY_STRING]

Get a List of Resorts and Countries

Our webservice uses resortId's to identify resorts. You will need to get the resort id's that you are interested in. See Countries/Region service

curl http://clientservice.onthesnow.com/externalservice/region/countries/list?[BASE_QUERY_STRING]

You will get a large list of Countries containing resorts lists, states/provinces in country, regions in the country and quick links to get resort data for the entire Country.

Understanding the data

Read the FAQ

You should read the FAQ to familiarize your self with some general snow reporting questions and answers - FAQ